Why to trust 360 Security Lite Speed Boost

360 Security Lite Speed Boost

You bought a new smartphone and didn’t install 360 Security Lite Speed Boost yet ? If not, then you are definitely missing the fun of your smartphone. Like mechanical machines , even electronic gadgets need maintenance. You put lubricants in machine for smooth functioning of mechanical parts but, please don’t try that with your smartphone . There’s a special app that will look after your smartphone. Yeah, you guessed it right from the title of this post .

We installed it on our phone and we’ll let you know what we experienced.

User Interface (UI)
The user interface for this app is sleek, minimalistic and eye-pleasing. The app has easy to use instructions, easy push buttons, smooth animations and loads properly.


Boost Feature


360 Security Lite
What we like about 360 Security Lite Speed Boost is that it displays number of Apps consuming your phone’s memory. Besides that it displays the number of app consuming battery too.

360 Security Lite
Once you push the button to ‘ BOOST ‘ , it makes your phone to give optimal performance and displays battery and memory status. That’s a nice feature 😉

‘Clean’ Feature
Do you like junk in your home ?
If the answer is no then, you definitely don’t like junk in your smartphone too. Well this feature checks for junk files and displays you the information about the amount of space the junk files are taking on your phone. This app shows you junk files stored in your phone’s internal memory as well as secondary memory (memory card).

360 Security Lite

Now, if you push the button ‘SCAN’ on the app, it will start scanning for junk files in the phone.

360 Security Lite

Once the scanning is done, you will get a detailed report on the type of junk files found like the app caches, system junk files and residual files on your phone created by the OS and the installed apps. Tap on ‘ Clean’ and you are done 😉

Antivirus Feature


Well everybody knows what privacy is and what the virus can do to a system. Malware are a serious threat to your phone system as well as the data stored in it. Don’t worry. 360 Security Lite Speed Boost takes care of the security.
It asks you to scan your phone to check for data being infected with any malware.


Click on the ‘SCAN’ button and it will display the list of issues found , tap on ‘Repair all’ and the app will take care of the rest. It will display a ‘Secure’ message once antivirus has done its working.

Configcrazy’s view on 360 Security Lite Speed Boost

This app is easy to use. Just ‘tap … tap…tap…’ DONE! The app takes care of everything. What we really liked is the privacy protection and the size of App( just under 4 MB ) 😉
The animation and UI were perfect. No extra transitions or too much effects . Precise and perfect.
What we really want you to suggest is install 360 Security Lite Speed Boost and enjoy the experience yourself !

Download Link : 360 Security Lite

We are reviewing the 360 Degree Security Lite App for the #MadeForIndia activityat BlogAdda.”


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