Alongways : The Perfect travel guide


Are you a traveller ? Are you still travelling  with the help of a map ? You keep asking people along the trip for your destination ?
You are so old school.
So you want something new ?
We got it covered for you…

Alongways would be a new thing for you but many users installed it and are more than happy after using it.
This App will give you the navigation help along the way and you can set the starting point and the desired point on the map.
You can Download it HERE

You can bookmark your favorite places, checkout restaurants along the way,add waypoints to your preferred route and many more things.
Alongways is the perfect App for people who frequent travelling or like to travel without asking nobody on the way for directions.

This App is also used by long distance travellers, bike-riders, truck and bus commuters or just family persons with personal vehicle.
You can checkout the Alongways blog , HERE


  • Almost Accurate Locations
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Detailed Information about Restaurants & Fuel Stations
  • Markers Available
  • Bookmarking Feature Available
  • Details about distance and stops are available
  • Save Search History
  • Positive Reviews from users about the App

You can check yourself and feel the pleasure of travelling with Alongways App.
Alongways is available on android platform.


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