Amazing tech you should not miss

Here’s a list of amazing technology updates you might have missed. We rounded up some interesting tech that has changed the technology domain across the world.
Let’s see one by one.

Eyecatcher bracelet

If you are a fashionista or you admire fashion then this piece of accessory/gadget should be on your wish-list for sure.
You can customize it on the go with a battery lasting up to 8000 updates. You also need not worry about bracelet getting ruined by water as it is waterproof 😉 It is currently available in three different models.

UV Pro

Everybody knows how a shoe stinks after use. IF you wanna save yourself some embarrassment, then you should definitely get UV Pro to sanitize your shoes. But this mighty sword does not just kills 99.99% germs and allergens in shoes, but also can be used for deodorizing gloves, helmets and various wearables. You can charge it up in 40 minutes with a USB outlet charger.

Battelle’s DroneDefender™

With the growth of drones flying out in the sky menacing our privacy, there was a dire need of arch nemesis for such privacy killers.
Here’s Battelle’s DroneDefender™ for you which can run continuously up to 5 hours. Now a drone defender at your fingertips 😉

MOGICS Power Donut

This compact gadget is every gizmo-freak’s need. Why ?
It’s simple, as it has two USB ports for charging, many plugs for powering up your gadgets with universal sockets. Another great feature is the retractable cord design to keep everything clutter-free.

BIEM Butter Sprayer

As we are talking about amazing technology then how can we forget about Butter sprayer ? Biēm butter sprayer is a butter sprayer. That’s it. 😀
Not just that but, it is a butter sprayer with elegance. With comfortable grip and an even spray without mess, this is something you should look for.
Stay tuned to get more technology updates from us 😉


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