Awesome Science : Part 6

The Science of LoveThe Science of LOVE

What is Love ?
Let it be . There is no perfect answer for it 😛
But, science can explain this .

Love is completely about Lust , Attraction and Attachment and there are specific chemicals working in your brain for it .

♥ Lust is primarily the process of sex hormones testosterone and oestrogen .

♥ Attraction is an combination of Dopamine , Adrenaline and Serotonin . Neurotransmitter dopamine is responsible for the pleasure and reward mechanism in our body.

♥ Attachment consists of Oxytocin & Vasopressin . Vasopressin is the hormone associated with long-term relationship commitment .

Besides there are pheromones, norepinephrine and many more chemicals involved for the process of ‘ LOVE ‘ .
What we say is let the chemicals do their work and you keep falling in love (Only with one partner if possible 😉 )
And yeah, it’s not in the ‘heart’ to fall in love. It just pumps blood.
‘ Love ‘ is in your brain 😀

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