Because I am Batman !

Hey Batman Lovers , here’s a fantastic , kickass game for you all . Yeah you are right . That’s  Batman Arkham Origins .
This Free game … Yeah! You heard it right. Free !!! NetherRealm Studios is the developer of this fantastic App with storyline from DC Comic’s famous comic series, Batman.

Batman Arkham Origins
Here’s the Download link :  CLICK HERE.

Arkham origins

There are millions of Batman Fans. Even we are a great fan of BATMAN ! Who doesn’t loves him ? Well ,  let me tell those guys who don’t know anything about BATMAN . He is the protector of Gotham city. Owner of Wayne Enterprises. Blah blah blah blah….
Just try this Game and get Enlightened yourself ! We got ourself enlightened there itself and watched every Batman movie .

Well You saw the above download link. Firstly download that game and experience the Fantastic game .

Gameplay :

In fight mode , there are two stances viz. offensive stance and defensive stance. Defensive stance reduces damage when hit and offensive attack increases attack damage. There’s a health bar shown at the top which shows Batman’s health . There’s a stamina bar too. You need stamina to be filled so that you could choose a particular fight as per the stamina requirement stated there. Select a particular event on a map and get started 😉


Batman Arkham Origins uses touch controls. For  attack,you have to touch the opponent on touchscreen . To block the player , hold two fingers on the screen or press the Shield option on screen . You can do some combos too by hitting the opponent a few times and sliding your fingers on time when a sliding option comes by. For special move, you have to touch one icon at the bottom of the screen.
Batman Arkham Origins


You might be thinking that It’s easy to hit opponent. Well sometimes it’s not the case. The developer designed this game so perfectly that the opponents too hit you back. They get Enraged and hit you BADLY ! See the Images below 😉

Batman Arkham Origins

Batman Arkham Origins

Upgrades :

You can buy Batsuits from various Batsuit collections by collecting Gold coins and silver coins. Some Batsuits can only be unlocked with the level you have reached .
You can equip yourself with various batsuit items , health upgrades , batarang and many many things !

All we wanna say that , JUST DOWNLOAD AND PLAY ! What are you waiting for ? Psssst ! It’s Free too 😉 😀


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