Best of Technology : Part 9

Hoverboard – Welcome to the future !

If you are an adventure lover and love skateboards, you gotta check this out. This is Hoverboard from Hoverboard technologies.

With fully customizable LED lighting and speakers for music & alerts, Hoverboard is simply a kickass mono-wheel skateboard.
With 15 mile range on full charge , this piece of engineering takes 1.5 min/mile worth of charging time. It just weighs around 7.3 Kg and is so lightweight that it can be carried around anywhere with ease.
With Sonar stability controls, you can ride this thing with comfort and without the fear of falling due to imbalances on road.
How to control Hoverboard ?
It’s easy. Tilt forward to accelerate and tilt backwards to reverse or brake.
You can also personalise your Hoverboard with the app on your smartphone and here are some of the features:

  • Battery health
  • Activating and locking your Hoverboard
  • Data records of speed , distance travelled , average speed etc.
  • Anti-theft service
  • customizing sound and music
  • customizing LED lighting

Check out the video for more adrenaline-pumped experience that is waiting just for you 😉


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