Lesser Breakdowns Lead To #SmartTrucking

Smart Trucking

Got a trucking or logistics business ? If yes, then you might have experienced all the little details that matter in maintenance of trucks and heavy machinery. Even if you don’t own a trucking business, you might have experienced how a non-functional truck can cause trouble on the working lane of highways ! Let’s talk about lesser breakdowns.

Common causes of breakdown and smart moves to prevent/solve breakdowns

〉 Faulty Battery
Faulty Battery breakdownsA battery is quite an essential component of any machinery as you know and faulty battery means more breakdowns. Latest technology and advancement in truck manufacturing comes with fault tolerance and better electronic parts that safeguard battery functions. If you have old truck or old electrical wirings, get it checked now and upgrade to the latest system available. Opt for maintenance-free batteries if possible and do check the terminals of battery for rusts and take the required steps to prevent furthermore corrosion.
〉 Operator Manual
Operating ManualCompanies provide you with an operating manual for a reason. Some equipments in trucks are better illustrated in manuals for user safety as well as for optimum use. Have a look at it to prevent breakdowns as you might switch an unwanted button unknowingly which may be causing unrequested stops.
〉 Damaged tyres
Damaged TyresYou definitely know the importance of tyres in trucks since there is no hover technology in trucks yet where trucks float on roads ! So checking the pressure of tyres is quite an important parameter. Smart trucking feature might would have been where the computer in your truck calculates the tyre pressure directly by doing some complicated pre-processing and giving you early warnings. But what we can do is check pressure manually and fill the tyres as stated in the company’s manual. Getting wheel-alignment done properly and maintaining the spare tyres to a good condition ensures less breakdown.
〉 Load capacity
Load CapacityThere is a reason why companies state load capacity a truck can take. But taking the load beyond a limit has too much risks associated with it. Taking a truck beyond its stated capacity may lead to breakdowns. There should be proper sensors and transducers relaying signal and disabling the engines if the truck is loaded beyond the pre-set value.
〉 Weather usage
Weather UsageEvery country has different climatic conditions and every region has distinct atmospheric environment. Every equipment needs to comply with various environmental condition to sustain unwanted breakdowns.
〉 Other Important Factors
ToolsHere are some important things that needs to be done so as to avoid your truck being dysfunctional.

  1. Over-riding your machine beyond it’s stated capacity.
  2. Replacing/repairing the worn out parts in time.
  3. Checking the cooling systems and inserting long-life coolant.
  4. Checking your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system.
  5. Always make sure the tyres, bearings, rims and hubs are fixed properly and to their standard values.
  6. Never let an untrained personnel to fix your truck parts.
  7. Filling up the fuel tank has it’s added advantage besides long running and safety.
  8. Checking brake system and for any leakages in the compressor for oil spill.
  9. Air pressure leakages and hydraulic system needs to be inspected carefully.
  10. Suspension and Cargo handling system should be well maintained.

It would be a great thing if truck manufacturing companies could incorporate these factors with sensors and indication systems directly on dashboard console for drivers. That would make that truck a smart truck and accomplish the mission of #SmartTrucking with lesser breakdowns.

We are writing this blog post for the MTBD #SmartTrucking activity at BlogAdda. Comment your views on this 😉


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