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There seems to be a boom of apps in tech crazy world. this section covers finest of apps .


Best of Technology : Part 1

Pro Tools | First Are you a music composer/producer ? You should have a look at this product. We brought you some of the best...

Alongways 0

Alongways : The Perfect travel guide

Alongways Are you a traveller ? Are you still travelling  with the help of a map ? You keep asking people along the trip for...

Batman Arkham Origins 0

Because I am Batman !

Hey Batman Lovers , here’s a fantastic , kickass game for you all . Yeah you are right . That’s  Batman Arkham Origins . This Free game …...

Trigger App 1

Trigger- a must have app for Android

You might be bored of setting up each tasks individually for your Android phone like setting up alarms , changing status of bluetooth after certain...