Working for a social cause-Comutador Junkies

We were just surfing on the net to see some short-films on women empowerment and their welfare. Saw many short-films but it lacked some or the other things  in regard of message or film-making skills. Then we stumbled upon this Youtube channel, Comutador Junkies where we saw a short film called Short Film : Inhuman

We liked it!
We liked the message and concept of the film so much that we took our time to write this post , which is not related to Tech world , but is definitely related to Our world , the Human World.

The Movie’s Summary goes like this :

SUMMARY : The story revolves around 3 young individuals who face the cruel side of human mind set , the action that has been a concern of today’s society .The unusual initiative taken by the 2 normal boys to bring the victim back to her normal life , just doing it for Forgotten humanity. An attempt to say out to the world just protest cannot win over the mentality that we are fighting against.

The movie completely describes our cruel manhood wrath on women. Men should know that women are one of the most wonderful creation of nature. She should be respected and be taken care of . Look at our own mother. We respect her, love her and take care of her . Why we don’t behave with Women the same way ?
The movie shows help line numbers of NGO and Apps for women safety too. Well guys , you know that the condition of women is not really good in our society. They suffer daily even if they don’t complain to us or anybody . Even I have a sister. I know what all she might be going through. I don’t want other women too to suffer.

Well , it’s time to grow up guys . Show some respect to women. This movie shows us that humanity still exists . And all we wanna say is that , ” Be a MAN ! ” .


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