‘Developed’ India

Developed India or developing India ? Is it enough to be called ourselves a citizen of ‘ developed India ‘ or a citizen of a ‘developing’ country ?

Think about it.
Let’s start with some basic things. What is our basic need being a democratic citizen of a democratic country ?
Food, clothing, shelter,water supply,gas supply, electricity, proper transport facilities, infrastructure of living, cleanliness and some more necessities.
Suppose you are standing in a line to pay your electricity bill in the hot summer with at-least 20 people ahead in the queue waiting for their turn and
you are standing there for over an hour waiting for your turn. I know it’s quite a torturous position to be in.
Now the scenario is the same where you have to pay your electricity bill and you have a smart-phone or an internet connection so that you can pay your bill online .
No queue. No standing for hours. No hassles. No worry. Quick response. Quick Payment. That’s it !
Boom ! And you paid your bill.
Feeling Good ?
That’s the benefit of digital technology.
Digital India
Let’s think of another scenario where you want to know the status of government certificates or your official documents under process.
Scenario 1 : You go to some clerk and ask about the status of some certificate for which you have applied. He will send you to some higher officer on the hierarchy. The higher officer will make you stand outside his/her office till he gets free to attend you (which he/she barely does) . Once you get a chance to meet him/her , he/she will make you stand and ask some clerk to bring the file just to show you the incomplete work done by his subordinates and will ask you to wait some days(months or weeks)for completion of the job. What’s your fault here ?
Nothing. It’s human tendency to have as many errors as possible.
Not your fault. You are yourself a human too.
Now scenario 2 : You want to know the status of some certificate for which you have applied . You just login to the official website , click-through the menus and know the real-time status directly. That’s it . Done !
Digital India
The benefits of E-Governance are many. These were just some of the many examples that may ease up the life of citizens and in turn the working of government.
The main advantage of E-governance is that it is more secure and less of corruption.
It has one more advantage of working on back office processes.
Digital India under the category of #MakeinIndia would be a much successful venture if worked upon strategically.
There would be less risk involved if E-Governance is centralized. More the technology is advanced , more is the innovation of products and more is the creativity explored .
Safety is the primary concern if you are working on such centralized concept. With cyber attacks growing rapidly , safety is the prime issue for any system. With additional security from the system and with the assistance of citizens involved , smooth functioning can be attained.
If you can do online shopping, pay your bills , check the stats of documents, checkout some restaurants, read reviews about products from just your smartphones/tablet PCs/PCs then you can understand the importance of digital integration in governance.


Rural areas are in the development mode in full swing. Think about a country where people are getting advanced by their thoughts and banishing taboos and religious discrepancies by the quacks by getting latest information about science. People could connect to each other more easily and venture out new collaborations.
Advancement is the best thing a country can achieve . Digital integration can help increase the standard of living of people by reducing the cost of business.

If cyber security and privacy protection laws are well configured then, #DigitalIndia could be the next big thing in India.
Ideas get more successful if more people with creative and brilliant knowledge come together.


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  • Pratiksha Salunke

    Intel is really doing a great job then! Time is money n to save this money go digital! 😉 fantastic article.. People r sure to realize about it.. considering the daily situations u mentioned 🙂

    • Thank You Ma’am. Lets hope and work for a ‘ developed India ‘ 🙂

  • Very nicely narrated article via scenarios. Good pics used.

    • Thank You, Sabina.
      Your appreciation means a lot to us 🙂

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