4 New Bikes Unveiled By DSK Benelli At Auto Expo 2016

DSK Benelli At Auto Expo 2016

DSK Motowheels, one of India’s most well-established and strongest players in the superbike industry, and the legendary Italian superbiking brand Benelli, created unbridled excitement at the ‘Auto Expo 2016’ by unveiling four new superbikes – The TNT Naked T-135, BX 250, Tornado 300 and the TRK 502. These models will also be making their way to DSK Benelli showrooms in the coming future.

The TNT Naked T-135
TNT Naked T-135
Benelli BX 250 MOTARD
Benelli TRK 502
TRK 502

The current range of superbikes under the DSK Benelli umbrella, was also present at the Auto Expo, these included the TNT 25 – Single cylinder 250cc engine, TNT 300 – In-line two-cylinder 300cc engine, TNT 600i – In-line four-cylinder 600cc engine, TNT 600 GT – In-line four-cylinder 600cc engine, TNT 899 – In-line, three cylinder 898cc engine and the TNT R – In-line, three cylinder 1131cc engine.

In addition, DSK Benelli also showcased the soon to arrive ABS variants of the TNT 600i and TNT 600 GT superbikes with an aim to heat up the competition even further, as the existing range has been creating ripples in the Indian superbiking segment.

A customer experience zone featuring a Lion (augmented reality) was also setup for superbike enthusiasts, in order to connect with the brand and its legacy. This unique approach allowed the audience to take a picture with Benelli’s Lion on one side and the roaring TNT 600i on the other.

Mr. Shirish Kulkarni, Chairman, DSK Motowheels said, “The Auto Expo is the biggest automobile event in the country and it’s only fitting that a brand as successful and popular as DSK Benelli is present at the event. Touted as its biggest edition yet, we are doing our bit in elevating the exhilaration around Auto Expo. Not only have we unveiled an exciting new line-up of our upcoming superbike range, we have also brought automobile lovers closer to our superbiking heritage by showcasing two celebrated legends from the house of Benelli.”

Benelli Tornado Tre 1130
Benelli Tornado Tre 1130

Automobile enthusiasts were in for a real treat as DSK Benelli also brought an iconic Italian legend, the Benelli Tornado Tre 1130 to the event.

The Benelli Tornado Tre 1130 is powered by an 1131cc three-cylinder, four-stroke engine. Its design aesthetics made it one of the most talked-about superbikes showcased at Auto Expo 2016.

DSK Benelli
L to R – TRK 502, BX 250, Mr. Shirish Kulkarni, Chairman, DSK Motowheels, TNT Naked T-135, Tornado 300

With its 105 years old heritage and lineage, Benelli today boasts an impressive range of globally respected superbikes that marry heritage, innovation, styling and technological prowess. Benelli’s distinctly stylish motorcycles are known for their Italian flamboyance and the ability to provide riders from all walks of life a pure, high-performance experience.

The Indo-Italian tie-up between DSK Motowheels and Benelli paves the way for a high-end biking experience through Benelli’s extensive bike range, giving Indian bikers their ticket into the club of thoroughbred motorcycling aristocracy. DSK Motowheels plays a pivotal role in assembling and selling Benelli bikes across the country and supporting them with a good backup of service and spares.

To date, DSK Benelli has established 15 showrooms across India, which includes – Pune, Mumbai, Goa, Ahmedabad, Surat, Thane, Indore, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur and Kolkata, with 5 more coming up in 2016.

About DSK Motowheels:
Established in 2012, DSK Motowheels, a part of the DSK Group (Diversified business group with a turnover of over Rs. 5000 crores) forayed into the growing automobile sector by entering the niche segment of powerful and aspirational bikes.
Taking forward the company’s rich legacy of dynamic entrepreneurship, Mr. Shirish Kulkarni, Chairman DSK Motowheels, spearheads the brand‘s operations in India with the primary objective of providing a world class super biking experience.
With a CKD plant in Maharashtra, the brand enjoys the status of having the strongest & most well entrenched superbike network in India. DSK Motowheels is known for its high-end biking experience, extended product line, technology and quality. DSK Motowheels also prides itself in providing the best customer centric service and after sales support in Indian Superbike Market.

About Benelli:
As often happens, the history of great industries is born in garages. In our case this is the Benelli Garage”, Where, in 1911, the 6 Benelli brothers Giuseppe, Giovanni, Francesco, Filippo, Domenico and Antonio, known as “Tonino”, repaired and manufactured motorcycle parts. In 1921 the ‘Velomotore’ was created: a single cylinder two-stroke 75cc bike adapted to a bicycle frame and the following year it was the turn of the 98cc ‘Motoleggera’, immediately appreciated by the public of that time. The first real Benelli motorcycle, a 175cc model, ridden by Tonino, proved immediately to be a winner in the world of competition. Here began a long list of glorious moments, with more than 1000 victories in the Italian and European Championships and two World Titles won in 1950 and 1969. Many legendary riders have ridden Benelli motorcycles. Besides Tonino, the owner of the company, the Italian riders Ambrosini, Grassetti, Campanelli, Provini, Pasohni, Villa and the internationals Saarinen, Hailwood and Carruthers.

At the end of the 60’s the last motorcycle of the family owned company was born; the Tornado 650 which developed 50 hp at 7000 rpm, and easily surpassed 170 km/h. Later the first ownership change took place, but motorcycle production continued in Pesaro with the ground breaking in line 6 cylinder 750 and 900cc Sei’s which were manufactured up until the early 1980’s. In 2001 the production of the first all new in-line triple powered range began, with the fully faired supersport Tornado 899cc Limited Edition. The addition of the Tornado Naked Tre or TNT for short, and subsequently the Tre-K in both 899 and 1131 cc variants meant that Benelli was truly back in the market of large capacity sports motorcycles. Today Benelli is part of the Qianjiang (QJ) Group, a corporation which produces more than 1.2 million two wheelers per annum. QJ, wishing to respect the tradition of passion which has always guided the history of the Italian brand, will continue manufacturing bikes in Pesaro, the traditional home of Benelli Motorcycles.


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