God is a Gamer

God is a gamer!

What happens when revenge becomes your oxygen?

Well Ravi has depicted all in his novel.

The story starts with a prologue where visa and MasterCard heads are worried about some extreme peril. A politician makes his best to sort things out!
And out of nowhere the politician dies.
Shocked? Well you will with every inch of the book.
The first thing that pulled me towards the book were the Bitcoins ! It is the first book to describe about these virtual money. To be honest you would want to own some(well almost!).
The cover page is damn eccentric , the shining bitcoin on the cover makes you goggle.
The gamer looks vaugely at the white house and the bitcoin dangles over it.
The story revolves around a Gamer who sets his foot in Goa for some ‘special’ reasons.
His father owns a game company.
An eccentric multinational company CEO woman and her troubled daughter cross road with each other.
With such quirky characters the book is all set to take you on a thrill ride.
The plot unfolds so effortlessly that you remain just spellbound. Every bit of the book is full of shocks and surprises.
For those who love creating games well here is a treat for you because here to games are created on a tick.
The book teleports you Goa, Mumbai, U.S., New York in seconds.
Just a year after happens the worldwide trauma of Wikileaks! You will get to know its drastic effects. And you will know Wikileaks were nothing in front of this scam!

God is a gamer

Also beware of those tiny Hemlock seeds.
They might appear tiny but their effects are unbelievable.
You will be urged to flick some pages ahead to get the suspense but Mr. Ravi makes sure you read each and every page.
The story will keep you glued to the very last page of the book. And once you reach there the secret relevance will just drop your jaws.
You will really wonder how can a plan be so fool proof!
But then a hard core gamer is meant for such plans. The book is such a thrill that I wont be surprised to see your eyes widened or brows raised every few minutes!
The writer has used all real names and companies which makes the story tick! (wink!)
Author, Ravi Subramanian is a IIM Bangalore and has worked two decades for writing such amazing stories.
He lives in Mumbai with his wife Dharini and daughter Anusha.
With a record of such Mindblowing stories earlier, Mr. Ravi there is nothing wrong expecting some more stories from you I guess !
So needless to say the book is definitely a page turner. Grab your copies now!
Trust me your neurons will work like never before! 😉

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