Life-saving gizmos and gadgets for healthy life

Keeping up with healthy lifestyle is not an easy task these days. Our ancestors used to lead a healthy lifestyle and now the descendants are not that fortunate enough to experience the same life. Most of all the diseases are getting immune to their known treatments and drugs. We can avoid most of the maladies just by being healthy. Being healthy means we have to eat healthy, be in a healthy environment and give our bodies the effective exercise needed to keep ourselves in a healthy state.
Here are some life-saving gadgets and some gadgets which will help you out to be healthy.


Have you ever experienced sudden irritation in nose, eyes and throat when you inhale some air in a new environment ? If you experienced such irritations then you might have got exposed to VOCs(Volatile Organic Compounds). You can learn more details about VOC here: HERE

This piece of engineering let’s you breathe cleaner air by informing you about air quality, pollution and presence of gases harmful to human breathing. It can be connected with the App to get more detailed info about the air quality in real-time. Atmotube has USB C type connection and a titanium body making it more rugged and strong to use .

Ambulance Drone

You can’t predict a medical emergency accurately. Every year 4280 people die due to Sudden Cardiac Arrests (SCA) in India alone. Chances of survival keeps reducing every minute by 7-10%. Here comes a great engineered gadget into picture. The Ambulance Drone provides an Automated Defibrillator which can be used to bring patient to a stable heart rhythm.


If you are a fitness freak then next gadget is definitely for you. Even if you are not a health freak, you could still use it keep up with your vitamin intake’s info. Vitastiq combined with an app displays vitamin and mineral levels in you. Just touch the Vitastiq’s tip on pressure points as instructed on the app with animations. The Vitastiq and app will do rest of the work of calibrating and measuring. The app also enlists various information about minerals and their uses in body.

Skulpt Chisel

This one is for fitness conscious people . Skulpt Chisel calculates your muscle quality and body fat percentage. Skulpt Chisel uses Electrical Impedance Myography principle for measuring muscle parameters. You can see the science behind it HERE.
The EIM measures resistive and capacitive properties of the tissue. Now be an fitness freak of the athletic level 😉

DaVinci Surgical Robot

With medical advancement came advancement in technology too. DaVinci Surgical Robot is a precision instrument that has made complicated surgery more feasible. If you want to see its precision and way of working, have a look at the video below. You simply can’t buy this gadget as this is not an ordinary day-use equipment. Besides it cost approximately 13.5 Crore Rupees ( $ 2 million).

Do you know any such health gadgets which can be of medical use or can be used for the purpose of better health? Let us know 🙂


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