A Simple trick to hide a folder on your computer

Everybody has some private files that needs to be kept hidden from other users of your personal computer. So without wasting much of your time I wanna show you a simple trick how to hide a folder.
Step 1
Create a new folder by right-clicking  on your mouse or track-pad and then click ” New”. Then click ” Folder” .

Step 1


Step 2 


I have created a folder named ” Let’s hide this folder ” for representation purpose. Now you have to rename the folder name by pressing ‘ Alt ‘ button on your keyboard and typing the numbers “0 1 6 0 ” on your number pad simultaneously. This will create a blank space or invisible character in the name section of the folder.


Step 3

Now go to ” Properties ”  by doing a right click on your mouse/track pad.step-3

Step 4

Click the ” Customize ” tab on the upper right side of the dialog box.step-4

Step 5

Click the ” Change Icon… ” button in the bottom left . After clicking ” Change Icon…” , you’ll find a set of icons in the ‘ Change Icon for folder ‘ dialog box.step-5step-5-1

Step 6

Select any blank icon from that box . Click “OK ” .


Step 7

Press ” OK ” and you are done! It is that simple a trick.


Note that it is not completely hidden like being an invisible folder. There’s another way to completely hide a folder in Windows without using a software. To know the ‘ hide a folder ‘ trick, mail me at [email protected] and I’ll show you how to do it for free. 🙂
You can also hide a folder by using folder hiding softwares available in the Internet for free. This is just a simple tutorial for quick fix.

I wanna challenge you to send me a screen-shot of a folder named ” con ” . Let’s see  who are capable enough to do this 😉



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