What is Internet ?

Introduction to the Internet
The Internet is made up of two words: INTERconnected NETworks.

Internet is a vast concept & it can’t be expressed exclusively but we can basically express the idea of Internet as ‘a single network consisting of various networks which are not limited to military and Government but also private & corporate entities.

Why Internet was invented?

It wasn’t actually called ‘ The Internet ’ by the time when it was in its initial phase but was a research project, commissioned by the United States Federal Government in the year 1960. The motive behind the research program was to build robust, fault tolerant communication via computer networks.

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Google bought YouTube in November, 2006 for a staggering price of $1.65 Billion (Approx Rs. 1,12,05,14,17,500).

Development Phase:

development phase

1960- A Research Project commissioned by the United States Federal Govt.

1970- Continuous development with multiple trial & error cycles.

1980- 1. The origin of ARPANET: It was a backbone network used to interconnect regional academic & military network.


  1. Marked the beginning of traditional Internet transition to the ‘Modern Internet’.
  2. Linking of commercial & Enterprise networks.
  3. Generation of institutional, personal & mobile computer connectivity

The research got funding from: i] National Science Foundation Network. ii] Several Private & Enterprise funding for its commercial extension.

Services provided by Internet:

When Internet was in its early phase of development many traditional communications media including telephony, radios, television, paper mail & newspaper are being reshaped or redefined by the Internet, giving birth to new services such as:

  1. Email ( Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook etc.)
  2. Internet Telephony (Jive, 8×8, Nextiva, etc.)
  3. Internet Television Music (Beatport, Spotify, Gaana, etc.)
  4. Digital Newspapers (Livemint, India News, The Times of India, etc.)
  5. Video Streaming services (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  6. e-Commerce/ shopping (Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, etc.)

Did you know this #ConfigFact ?

The entertainment industry was initially the fastest growing segments on the Internet.

personal interactions

New forms of personal interactions

  1. Instant Messaging (FB Messenger, WhatsApp etc.)
  2. Internet Forums (Xda, reddit, Quora etc.)
  3. Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)
  4. Online Campaigns (change.org, GlobalCitizen etc.)

The Internet brought much more sophisticated and more convenient forms of communication. The communication was made easy and cheaper with various messaging and E-mailing services. You may have to pay for advanced features on some of these messaging services . Now you can share your views, ideas , concepts to a few chosen people or to the whole world because of these services. Of these services, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram came into fame for delivering messages and sharing ideas to huge audiences with much more easy communication tricks.

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