What’s new in iOS 8 ?

What’s new in iOS 8 ?

iOS 8 is the most comprehensive iOS release of all times. And this latest version is all exciting for both the developers as well as the end users. However, Apple claims that the real goal was to simply create the utmost natural and optimal useful experience than ever before in this latest iOS platform. The iOS 8 was conceptualized to pleasantly surprise all the users and to quickly become a completely indispensable everyday experience before one even realizes it.
Now, let us take a brief look at all that is new in the iOS 8.
ios 8

ios 8

♦ It lets you be the master of all your photos

iOS 8 allows you to find as well as edit all your pictures easily and quickly. The platform comes with the entirely new Photos app which makes very easy to locate and add special touches to your favorite photos along with smart albums to organize your photos nicely. The best part is that you don’t have to be a master photographer, and can easily make every picture look picture perfect with newly included very powerful editing tools. All these have become simpler and quicker than ever before. iOS 8 helps you to find all your pictures very easily, no matter when it was shot. The iOS 8 makes locating your favorite photos very convenient, extremely easy and time-saving when to want to share them, edit them, or simply adore them for a while. With iOS 8, now you can easily find all your pictures or videos on your Apple devices. Simply search by the photo date or location or by any album name and you’ll easily get what you are looking for. iOS 8 makes searching for photos simply great and super fast.

♦ Message to stay connected at all times

iOS 8 with its great messaging options lets you stay connected with your friends and family like never before all the time no matter how busy you are. iOS 8 makes lets you add a sound or your voice to a message for a real conversation feel. You can easily capture your voice, or sounds such a bird’s chirp or even your laugher and add to the messages to make them come alive. Just touch and hold the all-new microphone button and capture the sound and simply swipe in order to send. To listen to a sound or voice message, just hold the iPhone to the ear and listen just like a regular phone call, or you can also simply tap the Play button to play the message on the speaker. The iOS 8 comes with an all new Messages app which allows you to share almost everything that you see instantly with your friends or family. You can easily capture videos and send them quickly. A video says so much more than text messages and are much enjoyable too. And all this can be done in seconds.

♦ Brilliant details and convenient user experience

iOS 8 now comes with great new ways for you to respond to notifications very simply and conveniently. The iOS 8 offers many useful shortcuts to connect and share with the people that you mostly converse with. The platform also comes with great time-saving new features for reading messages, answering calls, managing your emails. All these new features work together to make the everyday user experience of handling your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad much more enriching and enjoyable than ever before.

♦ Greatest keyboard

iOS 8 understands that typing is a very important task in everyday life, as this is how you stay connected via messages, mails and texts. Thus, iOS 8 has made typing a much easier and enjoyable task than ever and makes it extremely convenient. The iOS 8 suggests contextually suitable words to help your complete your sentences faster. The platform even recognizes to whom you are typing and whether you are writing a mail or message and also suggests words according to the suitable tone of the task, as the tone is a mail is usually different from a text message. All this surely saves time and makes it more convenient to type.

♦ Easy and convenient family sharing of contents

iOS 8 lets up to 6 members in your family or household to easily share their new purchases from the App Store and iTunes. Family sharing with each other for various other contents such as locations, photos, task reminders, etc are also done very easily which helps further in staying in touch with each other. Thus, iOS 8 makes for nature family sharing.

♦ iCloud Drive

iOS 8 is great for those who need to work on the go. Now, you can work from anywhere on any file on your Apple devices. Be it PDFs, presentations, images, docs or any other file iCloud will let you work on it. Moreover, you can work on any device including your PC or Mac. Great health and fitness feature combinations On iOS 8 all the health and fitness apps such as heart rate monitor, activity tracker, and the lot can connect and combine their results. This means all these features can work better and comprehensively for you to offer complete health information. All the information is easily accessible on the dashboard. Enhanced all device connectivity iOS 8 works really great for people who own and work regularly with many Apple devices. With the new iOS 8, you can start a task on one Apple device and effortlessly continue the task on another device. Write the same mail on many Apple devices, or even answer a phone call on your Mac. Everything is connected making it really convenient.

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