How to limit data usage of someone on your Wi-Fi router ?

Traffic Auto-shaping
how to limit data usageMost of you who have accessed router’s admin settings. This is the place where you might have come across the name ‘ Traffic Auto-shaping’ in the Traffic Control tab. Now, what exactly is Traffic Auto-shaping ? How it can help you boost your router’s performance with quality content delivery?

Basically, traffic auto-shaping is a part of network congestion control system. It intelligently manages different data packets with certain priority set in router’s traffic sorting rules. Let’s say that you have a user who is a heavy downloader at home who continuously downloads torrent. That user consumes most of your bandwidth. It makes it difficult to send even a single message on WhatsApp (We know how that feels 🙁 ). Now, instead of telling that user to stop downloading files at a certain time of the day when most family members tend to use Internet, you can start the Traffic Auto-shaping feature on your router. We will show you how to set download and upload bandwidth for a particular user with steps. Even the cheapest available router in market provides this basic functionality. This will help your router to decide which packets to be sent at highest priority & which needs to be slowed down or pushed down in the downloading stack. So priority packets will be transferred to & fro from router & eliminate the need to throttle the speeds of some particular user. If you are not using T.A. feature & cutting down or throttling particular user’s download & upload speed will end up in constant limited throttled speed to that user even if no one is using your network at some particular time period( for instance, mid-night). So instead of making such foolish settings or acting weird with any particular user, it is always wise to let router take care of your bandwidth usage & limiting user’s access to bandwidth dynamically instead of statically.
This makes you a Smart Network Admin & let all your family members happy with whatever plan you chose for your internet connection. Let us show you how to limit data usage.

How to curb someone’s data limit usage ? 

It’s simple. Follow these steps. ( This tutorial is performed on iBall Baton Router . Note down each of your settings beforehand. You might be able to restore previous settings if something goes amiss. )

Step 1: Log in to your router’s admin setting which is usually found by entering “ ” without the quotes (” “) on address bar.

address bar

Step 2: Enter the correct admin user name and password. If you don’t know your user name and password, you can find the default user name and password at the bottom of your router.

router login

Step 3: On this page, you’ll find WAN setup and wireless security settings. Click ‘ Advanced Settings ‘ .
Now you are one step closer to limit data usage of that user who sucks your bandwidth! (Evil laugh)

advanced settings

Step 4: Once you click the ‘Advanced Settings’ , you’ll come across many tabs and…



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