The future of longboards is here.

This post is only for adventure lovers and people who aspire to be a part of thrill seeking experiences. A longboard seems fun but what about a longboard with motors in wheels ? Hell yeah ! That’s more Fun 😉 . Yes, we are talking about nextboards.

This Longboard is powered by processed Outrunner Brushless DC motors, which are installed in the longboard wheels and ESC – electronic speed controllers with specially adapted software.
You can vroom on this longboard by setting the desired speed and have fun to the maximum.
This longboard has six cells Lithium polymer batteries of 22.2V and a capacity of 8000 mAh.
Do you want to know what this board is made of ?
The board has nine layers of maple veneer and they use classic Randal II 180mm trucks.
Is this all ?
Nah !
This longboard named ‘ Nextboard ‘ by  Next Generation Vehicles, Slovenia, has been tested and evaluated with Mischo Erban  (Guinness world record holder for fastest skateboard speed from a standing position) in Vienna, Austria. Have a look at the video below :

So this product that we are talking about is not just a simple longboard. This is something new. Something futuristic.
This is just a prototype and would be released soon after some industrial tests by Next Generation Vehicles for longboarders.
Till that , stay tuned for more updates 😉


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