Why Online Ads Are Bad For You And Your Devices

Nowadays everything is happening online. Newspapers, Movies, Railway tickets booking & what not! Why? User convenience could be the answer. When I first started to browse the Internet, I was a 14-year teen wondering how a single system can probably have all the answers to my questions (sometimes really weird & stupid ones), but the Internet never laughs at me or discourage me for asking such questions. But now, the time has changed! Everything is online . There are online ads too.

The way of earning money by selling goods in real world is now taking place with the help of many advertising companies to target their audiences to serve only required & needy people. In tis way, their product can be reached to more useful people than by just posting a common advert in a traditional newspaper. Most of the newspaper ads get ignored by 95% people. But this is not the case with online advertisements. Technology targets only specific audience & serve the ads.
I really had no issues with adverts back then when I was a teen because at that time online adverts were not so many . But, today with advancements in technology & greater potentials of hardware, things have changed. Programmers are programming better codes to serve ads in various different formats such as Pop-ups, full-width window ads and Ads with Ad Banner, Sidebar Ads on websites which continuously changes advertisement contents. You may also have seen ads before your favorite YouTube videos! When you search for some fancy travel bag or some really great sports shoes online & log in to your Facebook account, you will see Facebook starts serving ‘ Related ‘adverts to you. In a way it’s really great because Facebook has found some really great deals for the products you were just looking for , but one second… If Facebook knows this much about me, then what about my other details & searches? They have been tracked too! Your online activity is no more private, someone is snooping on your data,. Your activity online  is being monitored and that’s a great concern you should have. This is why I started looking for the solution to make my online activities private. But if you really enjoy the recommendation from Facebook or if you find them useful, you can keep using them.

Why should I eliminate Online Ads?

privacy1. Privacy
Of course, this one is the ultimate reason to skip, eliminate or block online adverts, but blocking adverts alone won’t help you gain control of your online privacy. There are other factors as well which plays important role in leaking your privacy. Blocking online ads certainly make you one step ahead in blocking people and corporates from accessing private details !

intrusive2. They are intrusive.
Imagine you are in a trouble & seeking for some help online and when you find a relevant quality link, you click to open that website but, once it starts loading multiple pop-ups open claiming you have won 1 million dollars or “You are selected as our lucky customer . ‘ Click to claim your lottery or maybe your phone is infected with virus’ . “Click to install this particular antivirus” or maybe ” You have a lot of junk on your phone. Try installing this app which makes your phone work faster by 26%”. It is ANNOYING & so IRRITATING!
You should avoid all these frustration ads while surfing online . When you want to spending some quality  time with your loved ones online, it is necessary to avoid all these spammy and irritating adverts.
If you are a blogger or work for a website, you must know that even Google hates full page ads and ads that cover much amount of screen space.

malicious3. They are Malicious!
NOT ALL but many online ads sell malware online. Many examples in the past are proofs for the same. World’s leading newspaper NY Times once got hi-jacked with malware in their advertising panel. Thousands of people suffered with their systems being installed with that malware. So now it’s better to use Ad Blockers  . You can read the following articles for this
Link 1Link 2Link 3Link 4

Weird ads4. They are WEIRD.

Yep, I will tell you from my very own experience with a website. I was very excited about this new website that I found and the services it was providing for free. So, one fine day I decided to share that website with my family members. But, it didn’t turn out as planned. When I introduced that website to one of my family member, a huge screen with adult website posters with many nude models with some attractive poses were sitting and were staring right into my eyes (and of course into my family member’s eyes as well ! ). I was about to close that pop-up but it had already consumed a lot of resources of my computer that my command to quit it was overflowed! I was already embarrassed with the incident and the pop-up as well as the system was not responding.

But that was not over yet. Another family member entered the room and caught both of us staring at the screen with poster of nude models!  It was not only embarrassing for me but also for the other family member who was stuck with me there. From that point, I never suggested that website to anyone. However their services were good and FREE! 😛

Here’s a perfect example for non-relevant advertisements on some websites. When I faced such a humiliation I started looking for ways to block such advertisements and came across multiple solutions. I tried almost all but found very few which were productive. In next post, we will look at some very productive way to avoid such weird online ads and making your Internet browsing experience AdFree !

Sourav Bhor

Sourav Bhor

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