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First of all , let me tell you that I am not a big fan of book reading.In fact I am not a fan of any sort of reading as far as book is involved ! 😛
This is the first time I would be trying to get some book to read and review about it.
That seems so crazy to review about big author’s one of the biggest book that they have written with their perfect choice of words and sentences that I can hardly imagine.
So I would not be giving a “review” about the book but I would like to highlight some of the things that I liked in the book.
This book is written by the great authors Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson in ‘Murder Mystery / Thriller’ genre Private India .
This is the Indian collaborative work of authors, Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson .

Well I liked some part of the book on which I would like to write.
The start of the book itself is good in the prologue section. “THEY EXPLODED DURING rush hour…”
Seems to be crime , murder action stuff for me 😀 . I like action 😉
The maid’s description is fantastic. The way she works, how precisely she cleans the room and that too in clockwork precision timing ! The rest of the part you should definitely read and find it yourself 😉
Well the story is in and around Mumbai , the busiest city in India and a popular trade sector.
The plot of the book revolves around various murders in stealth fashion with many twists and turn. Patterson is well known for his fictional writing and the Indian author, Mr. Ashwin Sanghi who is the co-author for Patterson’s 7th “Private series” has written very good and mind catchy stuff.
I particularly liked the scene where , Munna growled , “Shoot him ” and Jack snarls back “Shut the F*** up   ” .
and the rest of the scene can be visualized like an action scene from a movie  where there would be gunshots ,bullets , killing and all… Their words bundled up the scene completely in high definition VFX and with that kind of bullet sounds… these might seem a little ‘over’ in case of my writing but I truly loved that part. I loved the description of Kamathipura , Mumbai’s oldest and Asia’s largest red-light district by the writer.

All in all , I can say that the book is written in easy language and you can buy it for reading without hesitance .
As far as rating goes , this book deserves a 4.5/5 from me. You can trust yourself with buying this book as these authors are not great because of their names , but they are famous because of their writing 😉

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  • Pratiksha P. Salunke

    the plot description depicts that the book is full of thrill! 😉 gonna read it for sure 😉