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Digital Security

If you use digital technology in your life then, you should definitely have a look at your daily use of it. Every gadget has some predefined utilisation and its way of working can be tweaked for profitable as well as destructible use. In this article we are talking about usage of computer for personal as well as industrial use. We have enlisted some of the tips here for better security of your workspace computer and personal computer.

•Updated Software
Every software needs a particular definition to work the way it was predefined by the developer. With changing times software developer adds/removes some functionality, removes bugs, change UI, and work on various functionality of the software. For this, we need to keep updating the software.Software Updates

•Malware Detection and Removal
Malwares are designed to work in an undesired manner(mostly in destructive nature to the user). Having a good Malware detection and removal software can save your data.Malware detection

•Good Password
Some people keep their passwords as simple as ” 123456 ” or ” 000000 ” . This is one of the simplest password combinations that can be guessed by any hacker. You should use a complicated password combination with lowercase and uppercase letters with some symbols and words. Also, you can keep your password as the name of your ex-girlfriend or current girlfriend(s) with some symbols,numbers and upper/lowercase letters for a strong password (just saying 😛 ).
Strong Password
•Avoiding Spam
As the word suggests, spam messages are a pain the A** !
Most spam messages are useless and can be risky in nature too. Phishing scams are quite common and never open or reply such messages. Your data and money are primary targets of Spam creators. You decide whether you want to reveal your personal data and give your money to these fellows or not.
Avoid Spam
We created this article for security knowledge to be shared among our readers and we also wanted to share the fact that our friend Sourav Bhor is an expert in this field who has written a more elaborate article on this topic. You can read about it by clicking the button below.

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