Top Tips To Speed Up Your Internet Speed

Most people complain about slower Internet speed. There are multiple reasons for this. But, you can figure out what is holding you back from using your full bandwidth of Internet connection.
Many times choosing bad ISP is always a reason behind poor Internet Connectivity. Whether in terms of better quality Internet or better speeds, believe me, quality of Internet connectivity is a deciding term for your work output as well as your living standards (nowadays!)
Now instead of searching for clues of slower Internet like Sherlock, try giving some of these methods a try!
If this resolves your issue, you won’t need to go through all the bulky processes explained by many other website.

#1 Search for hardware connectivity
First thing first! Check your wired connection to your router. This will help you understand whether the wire was loosely connected.

#2 Change your default SSID & password
Many routers are setup with their default names given by their Manufacturers & hence allow your genius neighbor to sneak into your Wi-fi network by just entering simple passwords embossed at the bottom of your router. Say someone was in your home with your kids at home and secretly looked at your router’s password? There are also multiple websites available on the Internet which helps hacker crack Wi-Fi router’s default password by brute force. So change your Router’s default name & password right away. Most of the users have solved their slower internet problem at this stage only, because they were having a hacker near their house (not really) Just a slouchy neighbor. Also change default admin address & password on your router’s Admin Panel.ssid and password

#3 Set Traffic rules

Every router has intelligent traffic management system, even the cheapest one! So be smart. Cheapest router can also be set for Traffic Auto-shaping rule. Now what exactly is Traffic Autoshaping ?  This will help you to reduce almost 80% of your congested traffic router issues.internet traffic

#4 Use smart DNS services.
Google is best for DNS services but I would like to suggest you to use OpenDNS for your Home Network. You can filter certain websites or categories of websites to entire home network. This will help you manage all your home’s Internet activity & block some suspicious behavior on your network. It has another advantage of having default protection from malware infected websites. So that no family member will ever download nasty stuff on their device & keeping your network safe!DNS change

#5 Installing Data Usage Apps
Installing Data Usage Apps on all your devices help you find out which application or which particular device is using huge data . Thus, cutting the whole device from network (if you wish) or banning particular apps accessing your Internet bandwidth .data usage app

#6 Assign static IP Addresses to all your devices at home
Assigning static IPs to all your devices helps you keep a track of currently connected devices to your network. This will help you identify if someone has gained unauthorised access to your network. Allowing only 10 dynamic address for you will get the work done. (Caution: Setting static IP address to your laptop may make your laptop unable to connect at your workplace, instead of setting a static IP address for your laptop, locally assign it on the router and leave the laptop to gain the IP address automatically.)static ip address

#7 Keep every device up to date
Keep all your devices patched with latest security updates & always update to latest version of tested software. Also download from trusted sources only. Scan all your devices for malware regularly or at least once a week & keep your anti-virus software up to updates

We hope this article resolves your issue . If you come across any difficulties, please don’t hesitate to comment and we will help you out.

Sourav Bhor

Sourav Bhor

Working in digital security field for last 6 years. Regularly write on Quora & love to solve complex problems. He is always available to ask for Good Security exercises & will guide you through various simple steps to secure your Online Digital Life.