What is VoLTE in Jio and 4G networks I use for my smartphone ?

After Mukesh Ambani led Reliance introduced their new product, ‘Jio’ in the market, Indians got introduced to the new term of VoLTE. Many had great misconception about this technology. People claimed that call quality was poor or it does not work until the mobile data is on & many more.  VoLTE is best example of technology advancements in telecommunications. Hence we decided to highlight this issue and provide  detailed view of this emerging technology.

What is VoLTE?

VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE (Long Term Evolution). It places your voice calls over 4G network rather than usual 2G or 3G network. 4G is faster than its predecessors according to the Wikipedia, The International Telecommunications Union-Radio communications sector (ITU-R) specified a set of requirements for 4G standards, named the International Mobile Telecommunications Advanced (IMT-Advanced) specification. It has set peak speed requirements for 4G service at 100 megabits per second (Mbit/s) for high mobility communication (such as from trains and cars) and 1 gigabit per second (Gbit/s) for low mobility communication (such as pedestrians and stationary users). However, with the requirements to be fulfilled, ISPs must provide the required speeds which are not possible in Real World since they are limited to maximum of 10 mbps. But some providers in US provide an average 26 Mbps to their users according to some telecom reports from US based research & survey company.

What are the benefits of VoLTE?

benefits of VoLTEVoLTE aims to provide superior call quality & call quality is measured equals to High Definition audio streaming. It uses voice compression technology and cuts the audio stream into packets . This is then sent over network to be traveled as packets of data. This brings more reliability & superior call quality without  loss of sound quality.

Proper usage of underutilized networks:

underutilized networkMany ISPs have already upgraded their towers to provide 4G connectivity to their users. That connectivity is only used for data streams of Internet. So VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) utilizes existing data network of 4G to place a call over the same 4G data streams. Meaning more calls, more users with the already existing infrastructure. This way ISP can save data on implementations of new infrastructure and use the saved money for betterment of their services.

Wide coverage:

Wide Coverage VoLTEAs 4G is the next versions of 2G & 3G, there are great benefits to the 4G users. Even if they struggle finding 4G network, they can still get the benefits of 3G or 2G network to place the calls. VoLTE service providers can not use either 2G or 3G networks to make calls because both generations do not support VoLTE feature. But 4G’s better utilization of underutilized network add some benefits like VoLTE to VoLTE calls free & VoLTE to traditional calls to landlines. Some non-VoLTE networks are cheap or sometimes FREE (as in the case of Jio), three-way calling, Image, Voice & data can be sent through same network & much more.

Increased penetration capability:

increased penetrationIf you are living in a city you might have faced the issue of poor signal strength. Not to forget frequent disappearance of signals or call drops while in office or at home too.  4G signals has resolved this issue. Because 4G networks has greater reach than 2G or 3G networks.

Improved battery life:
improved battery life
VoLTE is specifically designed to support 4G enabled network to place a call. There is no need for your smart phone to switch to 2G or 3G to receive or place a call. This is handled by VoIP, hence there is no need of switching to 2G or 3G to receive or dial. Thus, the battery used for switching between 2G, 3G & 4G is saved & drastically improving the overall battery life.

Video calling:

video calling on VoLTEAs similar to Skype the way you place a video call, with VoLTE, there are no specific requirements. You can accomplish a call just by using your native dialer. You can get all the benefits of this service. As Skype uses VoIP, so does VoLTE. It works on the improved voice quality that you experience similar to Skype audio call. There is no need to consider how many minutes you are using the service for. The only thing accountable is data being used while calls.


Cheaper VoLTEAs everything used on VoLTE enabled network are directly linked to data, everything flowing within this network are just Data streams. You only have to buy a data pack for all your needs instead of purchasing various packs of SMS, Video Calls, MMS, Roaming or Voice call rate cutters.

No roaming charges:

No roaming charges for VoLTEUsually data packs are not charged while roaming at national level. So, you are using a data network to place a call. This means that there are no extra charges for calling.

Hence, switching to VoLTE is way more convincing than its predecessors. Also, it provides a state-of-the-art service and better voice quality.


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