Why ‘ NOT ‘ to do Engineering

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After completing 5 semesters and appearing for so many exams that I have lost count(seriously IDGF about that now)…I have realised that engineering exists in a different time and space where normal morals and principles of life do not apply as soon as you step on the college grounds.

The laws of physics only work in the books,
Team work is the only way to pass the exams,
And the UNIVERSITY doesn’t give a single fuck about whether you exist in this universe or not as long as their pockets are NOT EMPTY and the exam seats are filled.
Why not to do engineering 2
College professors pretend to be understanding and always smile during lectures only…and
at the time of vivas they do what their professors did with them (I believe people who are reading this fully understand what I’m talking about).

Then there are shit loads of fucking assignment which wastes so much of our time and energy and about which nobody gives a single flying fuck…not even the teachers but still are necessary to gain a few extra marks.

Seriously…I didn’t even care what I was writing when I was ‘ WRITING ‘…I mean seriously…what the fuck is this shit…why I’m I even doing this
But still “you gotta do what you gotta do”.

I could go on …but then again this is what is called the average Indian middle class dream…that our parents want us to pursue…
And we can do something about it…but what good does that do to us…we will still be inside the same factory with different machines… that this country has constructed over the years that churns out custom made engineers to suit the needs of the few rich people who want to run their own company.
You say you have a choice?
Think again…
If you had…you would not be here reading this shitty rant about engineering 😉

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