Wildlife of India perfectly captured !

Capturing Wildlife Moments in India

About the Author :
Ashok Mahindra is now a wild life photographer. Through his 120 photographs in this book he has shown the rich heritage and range of wildlife and its habitats in India. In addition, the book indicates the continuing threat to wildlife in India and sets out how it could be more effectively preserved. The book will be of interest to those involved in conservation, wildlife photography, and wildlife tourism. Ashok is a Chartered Accountant who qualified from England and Wales and from India. He retired as Co-Chairman of Deloitte, Haskins & Sells, and as Senior Partner of A.F. Ferguson & Co. in 2008, after a career of 39 years. His love for Wild Life is depicted in his Photography

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The power of photography to provide a platform to document threatened landscapes and species cannot be underestimated. At present the entire ecological system is being seriously threatened.
My Take:
When I received the book, I could not resist and went through all the images prior to reading any details. The photography is the main asset of this book. The author has really drafted it well and have a truly great collection and detailed description of the Indian Wild life. There are mentions of various species which are endangered and might extinct in years to come.

I got to know various species of animals like Mudskipper, Banded Gecko, Water Monitor Lizard, Malabar Gliding Frog, Orange Blister Beetle, etc which I never knew existed.

There were few repetitive mentions of animals like The Asiatic Elephants, Indian One-horned Rhinoceros, Bengal Tiger, etc though the description and images were different.

The ‘Tiger tales’ and special mentions of forests and the animals linked to Indian Deities is informative. I liked how the author depicted the start as a story.

The author’s attempt have made me think how we could conserve the rich and varied Forest Culture.

Could have been better : If I could get to know the difference between various breed of the same animal mentioned in the book.

Wow : The Photography and the details at the end of the book

Book cover : 4.5/5

Overall Rating : 4/5

Do I recommend? : Yes, for all the children and Wild-life lovers.


Other Details of the book:

Publisher            : Oxford University Press (OUP) & Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS)

Author                 : Ashok Mahindra

No of pages        : 145 pages

Publication         : 22nd May 2015

Language            : English

Availability         : At major retail outlets across India and on online retail sites like Amazon, Flipkart etc.

Cost                      : Rs.1450

This post is a part of the book review program at Saevus Wildlife India in association with The Hemchand Mahindra Foundation for the book Capturing Wildlife Moments in India 

This article was written by our guest author Anusha Poojary . We encourage such authors and writers to display their magic of literature.


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